by pieterh on 29 Dec 2009 14:58

Another Tuesday, another rant. This is a very special Tuesday Rant because my hands are frozen from the cold (office heating here in Brussels is not working great today). So I'm typing this with heavy gloves while sipping hot lemon vodka from a flask. Excuse the occasional slip as the cold and the vodka fight it out for control of the old grey matter.

by pieterh on 25 Dec 2009 08:47

To those celebrating Christmas today, Merry Christmas from everyone here at Wikidot!

by pieterh on 22 Dec 2009 13:16

Gazooks! Wikidot still has some strange quirks of language, thanks to its Polish heritage, and this blog thread is dedicated to those. Please help us improve prompts, error messages, labels and so on by reporting them to this thread: our dev team (in this case actually me, fortified with espresso omelettes) will zap the offending texts.

by pieterh on 22 Dec 2009 10:25

Captain's blog. Wikidot date 2009.52.2. Today we are in an unknown and scary part of the fourth dimension called the present, after traveling in time from the year 2006 to get here. Rations are low, and the crew are getting scurvy1 I've decided to bolster spirits by breaking open our last barrel of bootleg Russian rum.

by pieterh on 21 Dec 2009 12:37

Only a few days left before the CSS package competition is over. You can still win a pro upgrade by creating a useful CSS+CSI package. If you have questions about how to do this, ask them here.

by pieterh on 16 Dec 2009 11:24

Occasionally I use this blog to explain simple Wikidot tricks I've learned. Here is one that just proved useful. On this blog, the main page was showing footnotes mixed with the story summaries. There are a few ways to fix this (like, don't use footnotes in the first paragraph, fool!) but the proper solution is some per-page CSS styling on that list page to hide the footnotes.

by pieterh on 16 Dec 2009 10:05

In many parts of the world, especially those with powerful Coca-Cola franchises1, families are starting to bring dead trees into their homes, hunt for wild turkeys, and mentally prepare for that dreadful day when the whole family sits down together, exchanges presents, and pretends to like each other.

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