by pieterh on 14 Oct 2009 18:31

Good news and bad news. Wikidot has a new developer - me. We're also hiring a new team member, and we're really close to choosing our candidate. But, for one time this blog posting is up-close and personal, and about my very favorite subject, namely me.

by pieterh on 14 Oct 2009 17:50

Just a few days ago we raised the question of a Wikipedia page about Wikidot. Thanks to the amazing work of Brunhilda and other contributors, we now have our page! So what's the next challenge?

by pieterh on 13 Oct 2009 21:53

Sometimes, before we make a change, it's wise to just ask everyone their opinion. Then of course we ignore everyone and go ahead as planned. Just kidding… I'd like to change the names for karma levels. They don't seem to make sense. How does "very high" compare to "guru"? So here is my suggestion.

by pieterh on 13 Oct 2009 09:50

Another Tuesday, another occasion for your to come forward with the things that irritate and annoy you about Wikidot. I was going to say, we don't have a Wikipedia page! but thanks to Brunhilda, we do. And it's a really, really great page!

by pieterh on 09 Oct 2009 17:32

Steven Heynderickx started an interesting thread on using Wikidot to simulate a Wikipedia wiki. On the one hand, some people like the familiar look and feel. On the other hand, others are annoyed that Wikipedia keeps deleting articles on Wikidot. Apparently it's impossible to get a Wikipedia article on Wikidot. :-)

by pieterh on 09 Oct 2009 08:05

Have you ever wanted to start a new site and found that the name you wanted was unavailable, and the owner had done nothing with the site. There are plenty of great site names, like that people have registered and then done nothing with. Well, today we fix that.

by pieterh on 08 Oct 2009 09:45

This is the fourth and for now, final part of a slow tutorial in how to build complex tables and views using the new ListPages. It's based on a new page manager that will eventually let us "manage all pages (rename, delete, tag) from one place", as weneed:55 says. You can play with the work in progress as we develop it.