by pieterh on 19 Oct 2009 18:31

Perhaps one of the simplest working Wikidot sites ever: Join This Site! has exactly one purpose: to get as many members as possible.

by pieterh on 19 Oct 2009 15:49

This may be obvious for more experienced users, but here is a tip from Wikidot superguru RobElliott, who writes "I do offline work a couple of times a week on the train to and from Inverness where for an hour or so through the mountains you lose not only the interweb but also Radio 2! I don't know which is worse. I normally use Word for the offline work, include all the relevant syntax and then just copy and paste into the page when I next have a connection."

by pieterh on 18 Oct 2009 14:12

I noticed that the Wikidot FAQs are a bit sparse. There's a bunch of FAQs on the main www site and a nice FAQ on the community site. But neither of these lists feel right. So I'm starting yet another project, recycling the name thanks to axelpc, and introducing a Wikidot pattern called "Hammer".

by pieterh on 15 Oct 2009 22:00


suef recently took Ed Johnson does not match any existing user name's application for a test drive. Here is her blog of her experience. In short, this was a fine experience, with very pleasing results. A novice user should be able to produce a fully functional gallery site in a short period of time. The results can then be enjoyed and shared very quickly, with friends and family all around the World.

by pieterh on 15 Oct 2009 19:32

Today I'd like to introduce you all to Ken Tsang, a Chinese-Australian Wikidot guru who has just hit black belt status for writing a small but perfectly elegant Iron Giant template site, the redirect template.

by pieterh on 15 Oct 2009 13:38

Setting a custom domain can be a frustratingly technical experience. Today I'll try to walk you through some of the background to the domain name system (DNS) so that you understand better how this works. Thanks to morningbird for asking the question.

by pieterh on 15 Oct 2009 13:25

All Wikidot users are equal, but some are definitely more equal than others. We're going to introduce a new karma calculation and a sixth level, Superguru that will be a mix of algorithm and human review (cheaters will be booted). As a first step towards that, we've given all blue, brown, and black belt experts more or less unlimited sites (actually 1,000). Supergurus will also get this power.