50% off all Pro accounts this week only!

by Squark on 14 Oct 2010 11:06


We believe that the awesomeness of Wikidot is going to be legendary some day :) For a limited time only, for 7 days, all Pro accounts will cost just 50% of their regular price!

Plan Regular price New price
Pro Lite $49.90 $24.95
Pro $119.90 $59.95
Pro Plus $239.90 $119.95

If you still have a free account you can take advantage of this outstanding offer and upgrade your account to get more features. If you are a Pro user, feel free to prolong your current subscription for another year (or more) for just half the price!

This special offer ends next Thursday, 21. Oct, so act quickly!

Why upgrade?

First of all, because it's half the price! We cannot guarantee that there will be ever be such a huge discount again.

Second, with the Pro account you get great features that could make your site even more awesome than it is now. 15GB of storage with the lowest Pro Lite plan, the ability to create even more sites, more users on private sites, the ability to upload larger files, advanced web statistics, greater customization, SSL access and more!

Compare the plans and purchase the subscription while it is still on sale!

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