3 steps to get a free wiki for your class or project

by michal-frackowiak on 06 Sep 2010 10:35

Summer holidays are over and it's back-to-school time in most parts of the world. And school can be fun, especially when you use a powerful tool like Wikidot for your classes and projects!

During the last 12 months, we counted over 2,000 wikis used for managing classes and coordinating student projects. We received a lot of positive feedback and success stories in our mailboxes. Check out a video shared by Marco Battaglia (in Italian) about a "class 2.0" project and how they used Wikidot.

Wikidot has been successfully offering free educational upgrades for 2 years now, and we highly encourage teachers, lecturers, students and pupils to try them. Check out our Wikidot in Education page for more details, and follow the 3 easy steps to get your own site.

Step 1: Get a free Wikidot site

Go to: http://www.wikidot.com/new-site.

If you do not have a Wikidot account yet, you can get it for free within seconds.

Once you're logged in, fill the form and get your new site instantly!


Step 2: Apply the educational upgrade

Enter the Site Manager (look for the link in left-hand side menu).


Find the upgrade link:


Fill out and send the upgrade form:


Step 3: Enjoy your site

The upgrade is instantly applied. You should now have 5 GB storage, SSL security, unlimited members and other features absolutely free (which saves you at least $200 a year).

Your site is now ready for editing pages, posting content, customizing and inviting contributors.

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