11 days with Facebook Connect

by michal-frackowiak on 03 Oct 2011 12:43


Recently we have introduced Facebook Connect — a new way to connect your Facebook and Wikidot accounts, which simplifies the sign-up and sign-in processes. Today, after 11 days, we think it would be nice to share some numbers and show how many people actually use it. And we have some improvements too!

Total number of Wikidot users 918,633
No. of all users with a connected Facebook account 768
No. of users who added a Facebook account to their existing Wikidot account 171
New user accounts in the last 11 days 4,555
New users signed up using a Facebook account 597
Facebook Connect sign-up ratio 13%

Pretty good. About 1 out of 8 new users choosechose Facebook Connect over the traditional sign-up form, which is something we have been expecting. But still we hope the number will increase in the future.

And we have added some improvements. Many of you pointed out that users should have an option to use a profile image on Wikidot that is different thatto the one you use on Facebook. This is even more important for those who already have a Wikidot account and want to connect with Facebook, because after connecting their Facebook image would be used.

Not any more — today we have fixed this problem. Facebook newcomers can now add a separate profile image to their Wikidot account, and those who already have a profile image and want to connect with Facebook can keep their current one.

One more improvement — behind the scenes we have switched to Amazon's CloudFront to serve profile images, which means that the images should load much faster from 20 CloudFront locations in US, Europe, Asia and South America, taking some load off Wikidot's servers.

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